Uber, Please Simplify Airport Booking!

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I am a frequent Uber customer but I always find it difficult to book an Uber cab from the Bangalore airport. The reason is simple – poor internet connectivity at the airport arrival area. Since the app does not behave well with the limited connectivity, I always end up using an alternative. This must be a problem for many other passengers as well and lost customer opportunities for Uber.

On the flip side, if I am an Uber cab driver, I will prefer not to pick passengers for airport drop-off because I will find it difficult to get a return trip from the airport. Double whammy.

What if Uber builds an airport button that can fast-track the entire booking process? Why does it need to find so many vehicles that are available, then show it on the map and then allow the booking process? That just uses lot of bandwidth and takes time. I really don’t care to see which cab I am booking. I just want to know if there is a cab that gets booked and I can head home as fast as possible. Uber can always build intelligence on the cab inventory at the airport and use it while booking.

Less internet usage with faster booking process!

Adieu Adobe!

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[The post is late by a month nevertheless here it goes…]

After 11 years with Adobe, it is time for me to look at new beginning with newer opportunities outside Adobe. Today, the technology is evolving to become a mainstream driver for new business model that were not possible in the past. I am very keen to get into that space, where you are not just selling technology but using it to bring about a change at a very fundamental level – change in people’s behaviour, disrupting the way things happen while creating a great business opportunity.

Unfortunately, this also mean an end to my long journey with Adobe. I will miss all the great things that I have accomplished with my team, the great friendship that I have built and building something long lasting and helping customers being successful. I appreciate having had the opportunity to work with many smart people outside and @Adobe and wish ColdFusion and Adobe all the best!

I have joined Rivigo and excited about leading logistics innovation at Rivigo. More on that later!

Happy Birthday ColdFusion!

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The very first version of ColdFusion was released 20 years ago. Since then ColdFusion has ensured that the platform remains relevant to the needs of modern web application development. It has been an amazing journey and the secret sauce for its success over the years has been its ability to make hard things easy and the incredible passion shown by the product team and CF community.


I personally feel proud to be part of this journey for more than half of its life (10+ years) helping steer the ship beginning with setting up the team in India office and then successfully shipping version 8, 9, 10 & 11 of the product along with several updaters and updates. During this time, the team also created a grounds-up implementation of IDE – ColdFusion Builder, Cloud version, CF Mobile application development platform.

A very happy 20th birthday to ColdFusion and wish it can continue to delight the customers by making hard things easy and keeping the passion alive!

Batman vs Superman : Performance vs Security

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Performance Vs Security is like choosing between Batman Vs Superman in a duel between the two superheroes. Many of the security methodology introduces additional steps in the workflow, code logic and extra checks and these extra steps may cause slowdown in performance and usability. This is true for many systems and processes and not just software.

This is a tough choice that has to be made – which one is more preferable and when?


Or is it a fight where you want both to win? How?

A Non-template Approach to Hiring

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I recently interviewed a candidate for a position that requires quick learning ability on multiple technical area. I have to assess if the candidate can understand a given problem quickly, learn new technical concepts and apply them to debug a problem. The need is not so much to build a deep understanding but just enough to help understand issues.

I wanted to try something different during my interview process. So during the interview, I gave the candidate a sample problem to debug in an area where he had some familiarity. But instead of running a usual interview, I gave him a laptop and access to internet – a practical and real way that many of us use to find solutions to new problems. And my evaluation focused on – approach, learning ability, structuring and breaking down the problem etc. It was an open-book interview!

I feel there is a need to re-look at the way majority of job interviews are conducted by breaking a template approach to hiring and bringing more real and practical aspects in identifying skills, capability, competency and cope-ability.

The process of setting up the support team continues to provide me more opportunities to try out different styles of interviewing. I already shared some of the approaches that I tried out earlier in another article innovative approach to support hiring.

Most important functions of ecommerce solutions

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A latest report from Econsultancy from a survey of 600 clients identifies the most important functions of ecommerce solutions.


via Econsultancy

As an ecommerce company, does this list fairly represent the most important functions? How about which areas are served well and which areas still have problems and challenges? For example, is mobile support a strong solution in your ecommerce solution? Are you satisfied with the search functionality?

The other interesting point to note in the report is that email database integration is the topmost area of integration (61%) followed by CRM (52%)

Which technology platform provides the best solution for critical functionality in ecommerce?

Happy Holidays & Crunchy Reflection

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The holiday season has officially begun. I will be using the holiday season to reflect on many things around personal, professional, societal and polity front.

And the process has already started. I started this blog in May 2013 and I am very happy to complete a full calendar year in 2014 of active blog posting. Here are top 5 bog entries out of 33 from 2014 archives.

1. Snapshot of Wearable Device Market
2. What makes us feel good about our work?
3. How Happy Birthday is said on greeting channels today
4. Entrepreneurship is #1 career aspiration today
5. How to destroy an expensive marketing campaign – Cadbury story

Here wishing all of you happy holidays and a great year ahead.

Happy Holidays